Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SD Review - Dior Color Awakening Lip Balm

Dior's Color Awakening Lipbalm may be the prettiest lip balm I've ever experienced. I'm totally smitten with it's feminine presentation and just want to use it all the time because it's so pretty. Luckily, the balm itself is actually pretty amazing as well.

Dior describes it as:

A made-to-measure lip balm that beautifies and durably enhances the lips’ natural color. A customized color result : thanks to its Color Reviver technology, Dior Addict Lip Glow reacts directly with the unique chemistry of each woman’s lips before releasing its color ingredient. Lips seem revived from within, amazingly fresh, full and radiant. In addition, its SPF10 formula enriched with wild mango and luffa cylindrica continuously protects and moisturizes. A universal balm for all lips.

I have to admit that it works. My lips are soft and rosy.  This isn't a gloss but a soft balm that leaves you with a bit of sheen and a flush of pink.

I've always heard (although I didn't put much credit in it) that wearing lipstick fades your lips over time.  I haven't seen that but, even if it's true, this does the opposite.  It leaves your lips worthy of a book heroine description. Who doesn't want that?

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Marianne said...

This is like my dream balm. Wanty want want.