Sunday, July 17, 2011

Perfect Picks - Vintage from Shrimpton Couture and Market Publique

As you may know, I'm a fan of vintage.  Hats, gloves, shoes, jewelry, bags, you name it, I love it. And, if you don't know them already I need to introduce you to two of my favorite vintage online stores.

The first is the classic and classy Shrimpton Couture -

If you need an amazing, fabulous, and probably collectible piece, Cheri is the gal to to go.  She's recently introduced me to Swirl dresses and I plan on getting as many has I can.  Here's two so far - a Parisian scene sweetie and lush roses.

My favorite faux leopard jacket is from Shrimpton as well. It was smashing for a blogger outing in New York last year.

Market Publique is my other vintage fave.  Filled with vendors from all over the web, MP gives you options in every clothing category at prices that are well with in the range for day-to-day pieces. I've even sold a few pieces there myself but I've founds some great gems.

This sweet woven clutch in bright yellow was just what I needed this summer and is in pristine condition.   Market Publique is full of fun pieces like this and the individual stores do an amazing job at giving them fun styling.

Market Publique is also a part of Vintage Coalition which holds a pop-up capsule collection each week around a theme and features vintage clothing from- Everybody's Buying Vintage, Hella Vintage, Hold My Gold, The Kissing Tree Vintage, Market Publique, Lucky Rabbit, Rock Paper Vintage, Sleepwalker LA, Trashy Vinage, Twitch Vintage, Vanda Vintage, Vantage Point Vintage, and Wicked Plum Vintage.

I'm not the greatest at thrift or consignment searching.  I wish I had the skill and the patience.  But I know that these ladies have the right eye and they're a great resource to go to whether its a special event or a unique piece for every day.


Natasha said...

oh my... i just love those dresses... so glad that the color-blocking trend is finally over :))

Vyque said...

I love the prints on those dresses!

Market Publique said...

Thank you so much for featuring us! So glad you're enjoying your bright summer clutch!

Mallory said...

The print on that first dress is to die for!!!

rothcomilitaryclothing said...

i love vintage clothing.. so glad to see this dresses..i am really thankful to the kind post.