Sunday, July 31, 2011

SD Review - Emjoi MICRO-Pedi

I am a pretty skeptical person when it comes to gadgets, especially beauty gadgets.  I don't buy into the infomercial sales pitch so I don't have anything like Ped-eggs, face trainers, or the like.  So when I received this Emjoi Micro-Pedi to check out, I was about to laugh it off as the typical nonsense.

But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how will this worked.
I have pretty sensitive feet (I never ever walk around barefoot), I wear heels a lot and my feeties tend to get kind of dry but I don't want to sleep in lotion and socks.  So I have a few buffers on hand to use in the shower or when I'm giving myself a pedicure, but they never quite do the job. I've even used those razor deals, which is dangerous for me because I have a tendency to injure myself all the time.

I decided to give the Micro-Pedi a test right out of the box... and it worked amazingly!

The Micro-pedi acts like a rotating buffer (almost like a large dremmel, actually) with two different rollers  - coarse/magenta and extra-coarse/blue) - that snap in and out at the touch of a button. I turned it on and ran  the roller over my heel.  No pressure is needed, the roller does all the work.

In just a minute or two, my heels were perfectly smooth and soft. I put on a little lotion and it was as if I'd had a full on pedicure. 

A week later my feet are still smooth without any dryness, which is not typical for me. I am a full on fan!

Right now the Micro-Pedi is available online and it retails for $39.95.  They'll be in stores, like Ulta and Sally Beauty, in September.

It's definitely the most effective (and for me the safest!) option I've seen.


Anonymous said...

This is definitely going on my wishlist! I have the same issues and the blades scare me. How long do you think the little attachments will last, assuming you only use it once a week?

Poochie said...

I think they'd last for a good long while but you can also get replacements too.

Bronwyn said...

I use one of these:
You have to be a bit careful over bones, but it works. It cuts away callus fast and doesn't dig into proper skin at all - unless there's a corner of bone underneath. Pumice and sandpapery things are too slow for me. Plus it's cheap, from the hardware store.

Lara said...

Thanks Poochie! I don't know why my 1st comment went in as "Anonymous". Anyhoo, yeah, I saw on the site that they have replacements for $20 I think. I wash my handled sand papery files and they last a long time so... def getting one of these!

Tamira Nitterhouse said...

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