Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bits and Baubles and Birthdays

Next Friday is my birthday. And I'm going to be oldy-old-old.   Yep... 39, baby!

Not an official "big" birthday but supposedly a traumatic one, right? 


Personally I don't think much about my age, but hey, I'm willing to leverage it for nice gifts, right?!?!

There are always a million things I want but if I had to pick what's top of mind right now, I'd say these lovely things:

First off, I MUST have these heeled bunny slippers from Streetzie, preferably pink and black.

Gah!  Cuteness!

Also, cupcakes.  I'm really really dying for a good (vegan) cupcake. Sure cupcakes may be ubiquitous to some, but there isn't a vegan bakery on every corner here in the South.   Please ship me some Babycakes love.

I'm totally into Spotify and really want to get an upgrade. Need to make that happen soon. I work in advertising, I don't want to hear ads all day.

A Cartier Love Bracelet in gold or rose gold... yeah, it's a few grand, no biggie right?

Or, you know, nail polish (or some Tinker Toys, heh heh)... I'm particularly smitten with this China Glaze Party Hearty glitter polish.

A little bit of Memento Mori (ala Wendy Brandes) might be appropriate

And of course, I'll always take SHOES (or Bergdorf gift cards, dontcha know)

But, all this list-making aside, I'm most excited because I will already get to spend a few days in a lovely hotel with a lovely spa massage scheduled. My Sweetie and I get to enjoy time in one of our favorite cites and I'm super excited!

Yeah for birthdays!!!

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WendyB said...

Good list! :-)

39 didn't bother me...but my current age sure does! I look back at 39 like, "Ooh, I was so young!"

Esp since this weekend a "friend" of MrB's felt the need to tell me that I am no spring chicken anymore.