Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Instant Access - 10/24 - 11/6

It's finally Fall!!! 

We drove over to Asheville for the day to do an errand and saw some great leaf action.  There were rumors of snow flurries so I pulled out my coat and blue/brown faux hat, but it was so pretty I didn't even need it.

The animals are loving the weather too.  Kitties in the windows, Jake and Meg scratching around and the goats are all frisky!

Special breakfast for one...

More flats if you can believe it. These sequined skimmers from Alloy were so pretty I got all three colors.  They were only $30 each AND I had a $20 off the total order coupon code.  Score!

The A. Wang Anais silver loafer heels.  Murderously high but so gorgeous!

The Betsey Johnson satin-lined boots were a bit easier on the ankles.

And of course fun manicures for Halloween - spider web nails...

And glow-in-the-dark zombie nails.

The weeks ended on a scarier note than Halloween... trying to sync and update my iPhone and iPad.  Why is it such a pain?!?!?

But all my apps are back and the weather is fine.   Hope your week went well too!


Anonymous said...

I want these Betsey Johnson boots too, but I read some reviews saying they were really uncomfortable. What do you think?

Poochie said...


They are actually very comfortable.