Monday, November 14, 2011

Liking Loafers

A few years ago I rarely looked at flats with any excitement.  They all seemed plain, boring and utilitarian.  But now, flats are fun again!  And with that, I'm seeing more and more that I really like.

I've always like ballet flat, oxfords and penny and tassel loafers but these revamped classic slipper loafers are so playful and fun.  It started with the leopard loafer debate (I ended up getting the Aldo pair, marked down and with a promo code... woot!), but I think I need more!

My favorite pair are these Stubbs & Wootton Delphin pair.  I collect vintage Victorian silver serving pieces adorned with these dolphins, so I'm totally smitten.  And S&W are known for their tongue-in-cheek preppy designs.  These are $400 but their from the iconic maker, so that's expected.

For a more feminine take on the slipper, I love the lace pair from ASOS.  These are called "Lord of the Manor" and are just under $63.

These dalmatian patterned pair from Aldo are one of the most striking designs.  They're available on ASOS for $125 and on the Aldo site for $90.

If you want something Stubbs & Wootton-esque but not quite as pricey, these Leo velvet jeweled slippers are just $89 on ASOS.

Another dalmatian dotty pair, this time from Topshop.  These are just $60 and perfect for inside and out.

And for a more subtle option (just kidding!), these grey glittery pair, also from Topshop, are perfect for jazzing up a simple outfit. They're only $40 and come in black as well.

Both ASOS and TopShop have tons of options, from jeweled velvet to glitters and leopard print.  These are the perfect cozy shoe so it's easy to get swept up in getting a glamorous collection.

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Candypop said...

I love loafers atm, and ive been eye-ing the topshops ones!