Friday, November 25, 2011

Store Focus - Beyond Skin Shoes

It's been a while since I featured Beyond Skin here on Shoe Daydreams, but I really need to source them more often.  They consistently have cute shoes that, while not cheap, are not as pricey as Stella McCartney.  They definitely are doing their part to showcase how stylish cruelty-free shoes can be.

Of course, everyone needs a few good glitter heels.  I like the Sirene and Sweetie.

The Penny oxford herringbone booties are perfect for this season - from wide trousers to skinny jeans or tights and a pleated skirt.

The edgier Conni lace-up boot is pretty snazzy too.

The tan and black patent Colleen bootie has classic Chanel-esque colorway that keeps up with modern styling.

But personally I'm a sucker for a shiny metallic pump, like the faux snakeskin version of the Sirene.

But I have to admit they gold diamond pattern is striking too.  This also comes in a great aqua zigzag print that would look stunning with a chocolate sweater dress and tights.

And their Heart ballet flats come in every variation you could possibly need. I'm partial to the multi-color glitter myself. 

I actually really want the Franklin faux croc pumps.  Their shape is perfect 1940s.  Picture mid-length pencil skirts, The Big Sleep and Bogey heroines. I have a vintage pair like this but I know they won't last forever.  These would be great with so many outfits.

And they have great basics too, like black patent wingtips...

... or velvet beribboned loafer slippers, Beyond Skin has that too.

Most of their styles come in several color and pattern options, their prices range around $100 and up but their having a sale now. And they're vegan! I love how they say: "No humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our shoes. " Wouldn't it be great if everything was that way?

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Anonymous said...

I love glitter heels!! I just bought the cutest pair from Chinese Laundry. I saw Kristin Cavallari wearing them to an event and I had to get them!