Friday, November 4, 2011

Skirts of Sparkle and Swirl

You've gotta love the ongoing sales.  If you want something, wait a day.  There's probably a coupon code for it.

With some latest promos, I've invested in the following items.

1. Red Skirt

I haven't found a great pair of red jeans for me yet but a skirt I can easily wear.  This classic pencil skirt is from Express. It's lined and you can nab a deal with their promo code or by signing up for their email.  Before coupons it is $79.

2. Sparkly Skirt

This skirt, also from Express, jumped out at me on Pinterest.  Also $79 before the coupon code, I loved the playful tiers of sequins... and you know I'm a sucker for sequins.  I'm going to dress it down with a slouchy sweater and tights.

3. Swirly Skirt

I fell in love with the City Lights Lilith skirt from Kate Spade (you can see it being designed here).  It was a bit pricey but then they had their big 75% off sale and I grabbed it.  I don't think it's available now but there are two other patterns in this style that are still on sale. Both are awfully cute as well!

Do you have a favorite skirt of the season?


WendyB said...

Haven't gotten any new skirts in a while...but I have a skirt post coming up! Maybe it will give you more inspiration.

Tricia said...

yup, loving Express these days!