Thursday, December 4, 2008

24 Hours in Savannah

I feel like I've been totally inaccessible for ages and totally slack in the posting department. I had to go on a trip (well, at this writing, I'm in the middle of it, typing from my hotel room at at 12:45 a.m.) with my clients on a super-secret, hush-hush mission to Savannah.

Sadly we were driving which means I was totally wiped out due to car sickness, which I get terribly (along with on planes and boats, etc. Blech!) so I'm terribly behind in writing and reading all the many Tweets flying around today.

In spite of it being little more than a 24 hour trip there and back with little more than half the time in the car and the other half in meetings, I stocked up on provisions. I actually brought more food and drinks than clothes and shoes, if you can believe that. But as I was going to the land of BBQ, meat and butter, I figured pickings might be slim for vegan me. I went to Whole Foods the night before and stocked up on Lara bars, apples, chocolate, crackers, macadamia nuts, and some bottles of flavored green tea.

I'm glad I did because we got on the road really early and the team started the trip by grabbing breakfast at Chick-fil-a.

I munched on a clementine and a Lara bar.

Then for lunch we pulled off the highway into a McDonald's. I really never eat fast food and think McDonald's is the worst but I thought at least I could get a salad, right?


Highway McDs are limited in their options, so I got a small fries, apple juice box and the apple-walnut salad, which was crap!

But I did get a sweet My Little Pony from some one's Happy Meal! It is the purple Pegasus one in the back with the long pink hair.

We were a little early for our meeting, so after dropping our bags off at the hotel, we poked around a few stores including the lovely The Paris Market. I wish I had more to spend because I saw a ton of things I was immediately in love with. Luckily my parents live close by so I can come back when I visit them next time.

I did get one thing, though. This big "P" encrusted with pearls. P for Pink! P for Poochie! Now I need to find a new home for it.

After our meetings, we ended up going to the Lady & Sons restaurant for dinner. It was sort of for research so no choice there. All I can say folks is take your Lipitor. There are no "lite" or real veg-friendly options here, unless you search and modify a bit. I ended up having a fried green tomato and the server helped me out by modifying a salad to be vegan. I added a baked potato topped with their roasted red pepper sauce, so in the end I was more than okay.

It is interesting the Paula Deen story and how in love folks are with her. When we got there a huge tour bus of over 50 folks were just leaving!

After that we went to the Mansion on Forsyth Park which is an AMAZING hotel. I think I need to make a special trip just to stay here. The decor and art just blew me away with its decadence and over the top glamour.
We hung out in the Casmir Lounge and had a few drinks. I had just a single Kir Royale but the rest of my team got a bit... shall we say... "tipsy." And I'm being kind. I had to drive us all home. The lushes! ; )
After a long day it was good to get back, read through 40 pages of Tweets (!!!) and take a hot hot shower. The Marriott we're staying at is in the historic district and they had great in-room toiletries by Davies Gate, which I'd never heard of.
I used the Quinoa shampoo and Amaranth conditioner. I really liked them. I'm going to have to check them out when I get home.

So, now I'm beat. I have a bunch more I could write, but I'm putting my phones on the charger and I've got my outfit all laid out for tomorrow (argyle sweater from Target, khaki pencil skirt, Chanel mary janes, ShoeMissy rosette and JCrew acorn bracelet).

It's going to be an early morning and another long day tomorrow, so I better get to sleep. Maybe I'll have time to do more if I get up on time!

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