Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pantone Color of the Year 2009: Mimosa

It's always exciting to see what Pantone announces as the new colors for the year. These are the colors you are going to be seeing in fashion and in your home accessory options. Typically fashion leads the way and trends are then translated into decor but you are beginning to see this lag shrink significantly.

As the "global authority on color" we use Pantone products every day in my agency.

When selecting the color for the year, Pantone looks to world trends but they also choose colors to influence the world too. And with this upcoming year's choice, they are certainly doing that. They did not go with a color reflecting a cautious fearful mood, but a strong hopeful one.

The deep, warm, bright yellow, the color of fresh juice...

And the color, perhaps, of hope? The color of change? I think so!

Pantone is not only for art directors or interior designers, although many of their tools are aimed for these uses. They do have a great little Shopping Color guide which is only $20. I bought this deck and it is fun to use to plan out new outfit color combinations and inspirations. They have some books that you should check out too.

If you really want the in-depth coverage and to be ahead of the game, you can download the Fashion Color Report for Spring 2009. This pdf contains the inspiration, prominent colors, signature colors and color philosophy of many of fashion's top designers. It's a great cheat sheet to help guide your choices going into next year.

I'm just going to be reading it because I have a great love of color. I sometimes wish I could narrow down my wardrobe to a more streamlined palette but then I get seduced by a teal or a pink and the black/grey/green parameter goes out the window!

Do you have a favorite color for Spring?

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Dress: Ossie Clark via
Photo credit -Barak and Michelle Obama - EPA via
Telegraph UK


Robo said...

Ooo I like the mimosa! It's a burst of freshness and sunshiney hope. It would look horrible next to my skin, but it would look great as a pop of colour.

Speaking of wardrobe colour palettes, the book What You Wear Can Change Your Life by Trinny and Susannah of UK "What Not to Wear Fame" is immensely helpful in figuring out what colours would look best on you and what the complementary colours would be. I've consulted that book so much that it perpetually lives in my closet. I swear by it mostly because ever since I started following the guidelines in the book and stuck to colours suggested for my skin tone, people have made lots of comments about how the colours I pick suit me so well!

WendyB said...

Don't know if I can wear that color but I do love the look of it.

jinnan-tonnyx said...

I don't think I could wear that color in a garment, but for shoes / accessories I love it!