Saturday, December 6, 2008

Designer Focus - Max Kibardin

It can be awfully hard to keep up with all of the great fashion talent from all over the world. Luckily the Internet makes it easier to create connections and bring focus to work that we may never see.

Max Kibardin has had a few years' worth of collections and has gained some great recognition but is just now getting more prominence outside of Europe. It seems that currently Saks has some level of exclusivity for selling pieces from his collection, although they are not comprehensive... but I'm sure that you could order more directly or track down a stocklist.

In looking at his site, I am loving a bunch of the pieces from his Autumn/Winter 2008 looks. The designs are retro but the metallic materials make them very modern.

One of my favorites is this two-tone mary jane -

But then you get this floral, asian pump. Wildly different. I get a 1920's Hong Kong feel from this.

This snakeskin pump has some great cutout elements.

The heels on these are so great. I love that they are skinny from the back which gives them a delicacy you don't expect.

These may possibly be a contender for the metallic oxfords I want. They don't look too "jazz shoes-ish".

But these are my favorites. I love the shape, the woven detail and especially the dusky teal color.

Not only is Max talented, but he's cute too. You have to check out Miss Imelda's coverage of his previous collections and see more images of his work as well as great information on his influences.

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I confirm that Max is charming and talented. I met him in Paris and also did coverage his collection. And the S/S 09 collection is really beautiful as my dear sole mate Imelda shown it on his blog. Unfortunately Max's shoes are not sell in Paris yet.