Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Sorry this was taking forever! Work has been sooo crazy. I know this month is going to be a mess when I had to dive head first into my trash can yesterday.

What a great way to start the month!

Anyhow... yesterday I wore a grey outfit to match the grey day outside.

12-1-08 by Princess Poochie

The top is from Anthropologie. I loved the contrasting collar and cuffs with the pearly grey buttons.

It has a bit of a school uniform vibe and I enhanced that with a button front little plaid skirt, white tights and my black patent mary janes.

What is it about white tights and black mary janes that instantly transports me back to being a Catholic school girl?
As much as I hated the uniform then, I find I keep dressing in plaid pleated skirts!


WendyB said...

What a cute top!

jerry said...

o ya i love this trend!

Love the color and angle! Awesome!!

jennine said...

hahah...white tights and mary janes are a bit catholic school girl ish...

the outfit is lovely.

ambika said...

Love those shoes. & the collar & cuffs on that shirt are divine.