Thursday, December 25, 2008

There's Still Time

I thought after all the stress and craziness we had this year, I would be done and safe coasting into 2009.

As always, I did tempt fate to my own detriment. We had a few snags during our trip last weekend but that actually wasn't so bad.

But then yesterday I was betrayed by my favorite soup!

We had a few of these in the house and I eat them all the time at work but I guess a got a bad one. For the last two days I've been sick in bed with food poisoning.

Another one to add to the Bummer Christmas* list. Right now I'm amusing myself by napping watching A Christmas Story and drinking Gatorade. I do plan on being more productive, so bear with me.

Did you all have a wonderful holiday???

*What is Bummer Christmas? It has long been a thing in my family that we have more "bitter Christmas memories" than good ones. Tales of bad vacations, where the name was coined, to childhood jealousies and, now, feeling deathly ill when it's not even for a good reason. Bah!

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Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

You poor thing! I hope things get better very soon! x