Friday, December 12, 2008

Calling all Magpies

It is becoming more and more apparent that I'm obsessed with sequined thing. I just can't get enough!

I mean, I have the 3 sequined Manolos, the lovely black Oh Deer! Jamocha's and as I look through the closet, all this!

I got this skirt from YOOX last year in the after Christmas sales. It is probably the cause of all this madness.

Then a cute little dress on the cheap from Old Navy. I wear this with tough strappy sandals, a boyfriend cardigan and a belt.

I love JCrew's embellished tees... even if they are over-priced. I don't like crewnecks but I like wearing this under blazers.

I had to swipe Gala's same sequin hoodie. It was just too cute and too reasonable not to. For $20-something bucks from Forever 21, this is really well made.

I also got this cardigan from there...

... and this v-neck. Why, yes, I do like black sequins.

I was VERY excited to get my silver sequin Chuck. I mean, how adorable are these?!? Love them!

And last night I went to Target (evil place!) and saw this tee shirt in black with black sequins. Feather detail done in sequins? Yes, please! And only $10.

I am actually wearing it right this second! It is a crew neck, but I'm wearing it, predictably, under a (grey wool) jacket. I love it!!!
Do you ever find yourself organizing your closet and realize you have become obessed with something?
I think I need to step away from the sequins.


StyleScrybe said...

I'm totally gonna have to be a beat biter and get the sequined hoodie. Glad you shared!

Freya said...

Step away from the sequins? Never!

I love, love, love that skirt!

Princess Poochie said...

Here you go!


The Mighty J said...

You can never have enough sequins! Love them all esp the CL's! Sparkle on girlfriend!

lisa said...

So pretty! My only gripe with sequins is that some pieces can be really scratchy. I said no to a gray sequined sheath at a sample sale once because it felt like the dress was trying to take my face off when I was pulling it over my head.


May be it's time to find a new obsession but sequins are so great and you've got lovely pieces.

madame suggia said...

Too many sequins? That's like saying, oh dear, I'm just too gorgeous, best tone it down! I say, health to wear, strength to tear and money to buy more.

WendyB said...

You don't need to step away -- you need to step up and buy something with gold sequins so you can join my golden girls gang.

TheShoeGirl said...

OMG- PLEASE go look at my blog and see my super sick sequins BRAAAAA!!! hahaha

I feel you on the sequins obsession.

TheShoeGirl said...

OMG- PLEASE go look at my blog and see my super sick sequins BRAAAAA!!! hahaha

I feel you on the sequins obsession.

Michele said...

Very cute hoodie! Love!

Princess Poochie said...

I'm so happy you are all feeling the sequin love!

I'm going to have to totally check out that bra, Shoe Girl!

And Wendy - I'm on the hunt for the right piece so I can joing in. I'm dying to be a Golden Girl.


TheShoeGirl said...

sorry, i didn't mean to post twice. :P
But while we're on the subject of sequins, check out these shoes I'm making for JLO. They will be covered in... YOU GOT IT!... sequins!