Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 - The Year To Get S**T Done

Everyone is writing their resolutions. But I don't like to do resolutions... I've always written goals. In fact, I write down my goals each year. I then save them in the same place so I can pull forward the long term goals that carry over from year to year. And I believe in the power of intention... of writing things down and watching them happen. I've put what I want out there and time and again I've been surprised by what happens. It's amazing in such a positive way.

And this upcoming year seems as if it is going to be one heck of a year! I'm already so inspired by the level of positivity and energy that is out there for 2009. So inspired that my list of goals is HUGE! But in a good way. I'm trying something new for the year; I'm breaking my list down into sections. I usually do a big long list and then organize it by month so they are more concrete. A lot of this year's are all year long so I will need to put some more structure to them. Oh yeah, they range from huge to terribly mundane.

Here we go!

Home - House interior, exterior, improvements, furnishings

Get our living room fireplace lined so we can snuggle in front of it

Get our gravel drive redone

Build a "secret garden" with a boxwood hedge and chairs under the wisteria

Create a Victory Garden to help eat vegan and share produce with friends and neighbors

Finally clear out or sell some of the stuff I've been hanging on to that doesn't have a place

Financial - Money in, out and the future

Pay off what I owe

Save more money

See if I can incorporate more monitization elements to my sites without compromising the site from a holistic standpoint

Social - Travel, Connections, Friends, Social Media

Meet up with folks from my old city that have moved to NC like me

Have more tea parties

Continue the Backyard Movie Nights (wanna come?)

Plan a trip (???) to Austria/Germany for next Christmas

Try and organize outings with my online friends when I travel

Family - Pets, People, Future

Make sure the pets are getting all the health and dental they need, especially Bailey who is 15

Train Napoleon to do more tricks... is walking on a leash far off?

Catch up with my elderly cousin in Ireland

Definitively answer some lingering open questions

Spirit - Emotional, Service, Donations, Volunteering

Get my "A Gentle Paw" pet therapy group off the ground

Develop a vegetarian/vegan group for my area - it's the South... veggie lovers need all the support we can get and people need a way to be exposed to the idea and learn together.

Budget in money to donate to my favorite causes

Budget in money to surprise and delight people

Become more active in the causes I support

Physical - Health, Food, Exercise

♥ Meditate - it's really hard for me to work this in

♥ Do more yoga

♥ Walk and get back to running - maybe a half-marathon by 2010?

Do a Juice Feast - Starting with 30 days but will keep going up to 92 days if possible

Keeping vegan but focusing more on raw, whole foods fewer processed foods

Try to create more boundaries between work and home

Get more sleep

Take fencing lessons again starting in the summer

Learn archery

Personal Growth - Learning, Languages, Reading, Culture

Learn French - our long, long term goal is to move to Paris so I'm laying the groundwork

Read all the exising books I have

Continue my British history reading plan

Listen to all the book and history podcasts I downloaded from iTunes

Journal more

Take a course in beekeeping so we can have an apiary

Watch more old classic movies that I've never gotten around to

Take a class in cordwaining (???)

Creativity - Outlets, Projects, Expression

Write more

Attempt to do quilling

Get the tattoo I have planned

Plan my outfits in advance so I can incorporate more of the cool stuff I have that I get too rushed to remember

Bake more and work more with my cake decorating skills

Plan out the colors and elements I want for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter

Do more photography (get a macro lense if possible)

Professional - Work, Sites, Teaching, Writing

Find an illustrator for the childrens' book I wrote and self-publish if needed

Grow my Technorati ranking and audience

Transfer my sites to a new platform

Reach 1000 posts by my 2 year anniversary in July

Go to BlogWorld

Teach a class on Social Media

Submit a post to IFB at least twice a month

I have more (if you can beleive it) but these are the main ones.

Have you made your plans? How do you organize them? If you haven't, get on it! Let's get some stuff done!

Photo Credits:
- My House by Me
- Ile St-Louis Stairs by Mohsan
- St. Anton am Arlberg, Tirol, Austria by Kruhme
- For Like Ever poster by Village
- Hand to Paw by Jim Dutcher
- One day's worth of produce by David and Katrina
- Eiffel explosion of stars by Ingiro
- Simple by Messaround
- The Magic is in the Telling by Yulia Brodskaya


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Happy new year! Sounds like you've got some great ideas! I love the sound of the secret garden x

Ashe Mischief said...

It's going to be a busy month for you, lady! Don't forget to find time to sleep in there...

jennine said...

wow what a great thought out list... i have a feelign you're really goign to do all these things.

painter girl said...

Happy New Year Princess P!
Hope that you have a wonderful year of adventures. With this list I don't know how you couldn't.
Inspiring! I need to sit down with a sketch book and make my own goal list.

WendyB said...

Damn, you're ambitious. I'm just hoping to eat more fruit.