Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I can understand that sometimes it is hard for designers to continually keep coming up with ideas, especially with the need for multiple collections throughout the year and increasing competitive pressure.

Resort collections, while an opportunity to break out and have fun with bright colors and playful designs can be a challenge. It's hard to go from just launching a Fall/Winter collection and not yet in the next year's Spring/Summer pieces.

And while I love Resort, I would much rather do without a shoe that looks like it is a hold over from the previous year that got left out in the wet and got all moldy!

Ombre on the main body of the shoe or on fabric can be spectacular. when done on a chunky cork wedge, it just looks like some sort of water seepage or bad dye job problem.

The resemblance is uncanny!

Worse yet, it can look like a full on mold-ridden bio hazard!


Grab the bleach!

P.S. If you like these, they are the Yves Saint Laurent Getty Patent T-strap Sandal at Saks - $690!


enc said...

An astute observation.

Somebody had a design deadline and dreamed up these dreadful duds at 4:59 on Friday afternoon.

Iconoclastic said...

Gah! Tasteless shoes! And it seems YSL replicated the "dripping look" on the new canvas totes from their Cruise line too.

Jenny said...

Eww. My guess is this was done by someone of high enough rank that nobody on the team had the courage to say, "that looks like straight up mold, yo."

Princess Poochie said...


You see that happen a lot in advertising too. You see these commercials and have to wonder "Who thought that was a good idea???"