Friday, June 12, 2009

The Last Unicorn

I know the title is a little cheesy but after all the effort going in to finding these, I couldn't resist.

These Jeffrey Campbell Michelle peep-toe heels seem to be a popular as the Corso Como Dodies and, currently, just as hard to find.

I was a little late on the uptake and saw these on Marie's site. Of course she is down with the flashy and fabulous!

After searching around (no luck) then finally pestering a Jeffrey Campbell employee (made them get on Twitter too!) I was able to score a pair from Vintage Fox Boutique. A few sizes are left if you want to get a pair. But keep in mind, these babies run about a 1/2 size small. I got a 6, which is the smallest size they made, and they were not overly loose on me.

I wore these with a dark dress denim pencil skirt and this fancy polo from Anthropologie. What i like about it is that the collar and placket are a creme silk and the ruffles sort of mimic the shoe ruffles.


They are very soft and comfortable and I like them alot... now, would it be greedy to try and track down a nude pair?

I couldn't resist sharing this. When I was younger I read the strangest book called Summer of the Unicorn. It looks like kind of a bodice ripper but is more of a sci-fi/fantasy novel. I actually still have this....
Get one of the $.01 used ones and let me know what you think.


lisa said...

These shoes are amazing. Just. Wow.

Katie said...

GORGEOUS! btw, i appreciate that post title- i used to love that movie!

LightStealer said...

Love them!
The gold you got is perfect, but I personally have an obsession for nude shoes as well... ;)

Marie said...

This was the most INTENSE shoe search I had ever been on. Sad that it ended in tragedy for me (BLOL) but I'm glad at least one of us is able to enjoy them!!!

WendyB said...

Liking these in all colors!