Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hey, Sparkler! What's So Great About You?

Sparkler Time!!! Can you feel it?!?!

I so love all of these great Sparklers! I mean, how cool are you!

Today's Sparkler I've know the longest so far! We worked together at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Even if sometimes it wasn't so magical, Emily sitting next to me made it more fun! She has a great passion for music and photography so check out her updates via Twitter and Flickr.

But don't just listen to me! Here's what so great about her in her own words!

* I love NineWest shoes because they always fit me well.

* I believe music can change the world, one person at a time.

* I love hosting parties and planning all the details and small touches that add so much to the party.

* I love Flickr, always a source of inspiration.

* I am a loyal friend.

* I believe in the power of giving one's word.

* I am always striving to be as honest with myself and others as possible, even when it's hard to tell the truth sometimes..

* Music festivals, especially those camping in the woods are food for my soul...

* I love good action movies on the big screen.

* It's hard to let go of old wounds; when I am hurt, I can't let it go easily.

* I dj in public even though I have social anxiety because I have lots of music to share.

* Music changed my life and keeps changing it for the better.

* I believe Life shouldn't be so serious all the time and it's important to play.

* I love Guinness and a lot of other beers; cheese is a close second and chosen over dessert every time.

* I have tried to be a raw foodist, but currently eat lots of veggies, grains and seafood.

* I try to keep lists of everything amazing in my life and review them the moment I get down about something.

* I tend to be brutal on my shoes and small electronic devices.

* I love discovering new outfits from the same old clothes in my closet.

* I believe in the power of love and the power of the human spirit.

I miss ya, Em!

Okay... who's next?!? Come on, Sparkler, Spill it!


WendyB said...

Nine West fits me well too...Nine West and Prada. What a combo, eh?

Leia said...

Love this Sparkler series!