Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Color Study - Creams

When I started doing the Color Study for whites, I new I had a lot of neutral shoes to do as well and that they would be their own category, but as I was setting them all out there were quite a few pairs that didn't seem to fit in either group. To dark for whites but not really nude or neutrals.

So thus the cremes! Or cream. Or off-white. Whatever you prefer.

Not as big a group, only 15 here, but with a few lovely players.

I did get to take some nice shots though...

Okay, Row 1 - left to right:
- Isaac Mizrahi for Target Hannah in tan
- Martinez Valero Adam in stone linen
- Kate Spade Joan in a zebra-y pattern
- Paco Gil Oyat
- Naughty Monky Vishti in gold beaded

Row 2 - left to right:
- Nine West Eriley
- Via Spiga Branny
- Nicole Brundage Sinamon
- Alexandra Neel Coconut
- Ralph Lauren slingbacks

Row 3 - left to right:
- Enzo Angiolini Eamaxino
- Marc Jacobs Fab Rose
- Jimmy Choo Voyage
- Via Spiga Portillo
- Nina Melia

I just love the details in the group...

All images enlarge and there are more on flickr and don't forget to see Color Study - Pink and Color Study - White.


Leia said...

So beautiful! I love the Jimmy Choo boots with lace on them. I think you have the biggest shoe collection I have ever seen!! :)

WendyB said...

I'm adoring the boots! I have a pair of shoes that remind me a little of those from ages ago, just with the cream satin and black lace. I'll have to take a picture for you.

The Mighty J said...

Ok where and how do you store your shoes?

Princess Poochie said...

J -

They all stay in their own shoeboxes which are stacked all over! I have them mostly in my master bedroom closet but they have spilled over to the guest room ones too.

If you want to see here you go (although this is kind of out of date - I've reorganized a bit since I did this post) -

The Mighty J said...

Wow - now that is organized! Thanks for sating my curiosity lol