Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

So I finally wore my new Christian Louboutin Ron Ron glitter pumps. I've been debating about keeping them but in the end my love of the blue glitter was too strong. They had to stay.

I ended up getting these shoes at Barney's when Neiman Marcus didn't feel it was necessary to call me back about getting me the peep-toe version. To heck with them, I like the pump version even better, so ha!

I actually don't wear a lot of navy but I did have the sequin-placket henly from JCrew. To add to the shine factor I wore the silvery Old Navy skirt. It was all about the metallic-y-ness today.

6-23-09 by Princess Poochie featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

But really it was all about the shoes. Blue glitter... sigh!

They have a cute round toe and a great shape. Plus they are more secure to wear than the peep-toes generally are.

I love that these are called, not blue or navy, but Marine.
I want to pair these with black too because they are, in a way, subtle but still noticeable.

I did have an outfit pic to add to this but then my hair looked so crazy I freaked out and was too chicken to add it. I need to learn Photoshop stat!


goldenmeans said...

Oh those are gorgeous! I wish Barney's would carry 42s. Love your blog btw :)

goldenmeans said...

actually since it's a pump I could probably do a 41 if the sizing is like the simples...hrm...okay no, must stay good! you make them look so tempting though :)

The Mighty J said...

You know those are simply mah-velous dahling!

Ashe Mischief said...

I saw these on Flickr, and thought, "These are so much cuter than I remember!" It's because they're a slightly different style!

I absolutely LOVE them, and they're definitely worth keeping. Much better than the peep toes!

Milly said...

beautiful shoes

WendyB said...

Fabulous! They sparkle so nicely.

camille0528 said...

I love the Ron Ron on you...very chic!

Katie said...

i love that you're bold enough to wear super party shoes during the day time- life's too short not to!

Princess Poochie said...

My life is a PAR-TAY!