Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Imitation = Flattery?

So would you call this recycling or an evolution of design?

When I see this ruched pump from the Prada Fall 2009 line...

I immidiately see the Miu Miu Fall 2007 line (not that Prada hasn't pulled from that collection before!)

But what explains this? Here are the hideous Marc Jacobs boots (known to me as the Hefty trash bag boots) from last year....

And these equally horrible boots from Prada this Fall.

Why? Why? Why?


WendyB said...

I'd pass on those last two. Yep. For sure.

TheShoeGirl said...

Good call. Here's another one I think Prada knocked off... WEIRD!


then... Prada

I mean... REALLY??

Leia said...

Just saw those hideous Prada distressed boots too. Yuck! :(

LightStealer said...

Well, at least Prada and MiuMiu are "sisters", so I guess they are allowed mutual influences, aren't they!? ;)

(Personally I do like the Prada booties a lot, while I really didn't like that version of the MiuMiu pumps...)

Those MJ/Prada boots instead...urgh.

Princess Poochie said...

Shoe Girl -

Those are remarkably similar!


leanne said...

I agree and have to say the boots are completely yucky!

jennine said...

i always thought miumiu was the younger hipper line for prada.. (miumiu is miuccia's nickname) so she's basically ripping herself off?

personally i like the prada ruffle version better than the original... this time!

those boots are just wrong.

Princess Poochie said...

J - you are right. Miu Miu and Prada are related, so I am sort of viewing this as an evolution.

BTW, I have those Miu Miu heels, lol. I think they are kind of quirky cute.

; )