Friday, June 19, 2009

Forbidden Fruit

I am seriously in love with these shiny red and gold Dior Serpent heels.

And I really need them too, right?

OMG! Heel detail!

I know that red pumps with gold heels aren't new. And actually I have a pair...

But the Dior ones are totally different and therefore justifiable, right?
1. They are round-toed while the Stuart Weitzman's are pointy
2. They are Diors
3. They have a lot more detail
4. The heel is different
5. They aren't in my closet
6. I love red shoes
7. They are new
8. They are available in my size
9. Their name is Serpent
10. They are fancy shmancy Diors
What do you think? Justifiable????
: )


Frances said...

Get 'em!

LightStealer said...

I really think you need the Diors ;)

leanne pizio said...

Heck yeah! These are so different from your Stuart's and they are FABULOUS!
I love the stitching detail.