Monday, August 18, 2008

Tied up in Knots

I'm seriously considering getting these two pairs of shoes.

They're not bad. Cute shape, nice style. A little trendy, yes, but that's okay because.....

Their combined cost is about $35.

Yeah, they're from Payless.

I used to be a total Payless snob but I have to give them props for trying right? I know they aren't the best quality and I'm sure they "inspired by" a designer shoe but, eh, I don't care.

I like the style and I've been looking for some like these for Fall. Since they're a bit trendy I'm not looking for a long term investment and I won't have to worry to much if they get knocked around. I'll probably have them shipped to the store for free and, then if I don't like them, I can return them right there.

What do you think? Give them a shot?


Anonymous said...

I know you'll get all kinds of comments about knock-offs and paying for deception and quality costs money....but I'll say go for it on these. You're right - it's not a long term investment question since these will be out of style in 6-9 months, so why pay hundreds of dollars? I've found Payless and Target to be excellent sources of acceptable, affordable shoes and still wear several pairs I got a couple of years ago.

In fact, Target has their fall shoes in and I'm lusting after a couple of similar styles there. Every dollar saved is a dollar I can spend elsewhere - perhaps on a lovely martini at a downtown bar whilst wearing my fabulous, inexpensive Isaak shoes!

lady coveted said...

ooh... payless is surprisingly good... i want to say that the shoes fall apart, but i guess it depends on how much you use them.

i bought a pair of sandals from there a few years ago, and i still wear them!

Princess Poochie said...

My hope is that, as I'm not trying to pretend they are some other brand, that I'll be safe!

; )


M-L-E said...

i have a hard time NOT scuffing my shoes.. as such i only buy as high on the food chain as 9west, maybe 80 bux a pair, max...
these are great for me and my budget.. soo cute!

Milly said...

Im so for not spending mega bucks on items that are in for the moment...thats why i usually either wait for a sale or go to discount stores like..Marshalls...Tj Maxx...etc..

I really like the top ones (B&W)
and will have to check payless and try them out, if good i'm buying them :)

WendyB said...

Is Payless comfortable? If so, go for it. But I wouldn't spend even $5 on a pair of shoes that hurt my feet!

Princess Poochie said...

I agree! I don't have many from there so I can't speak across the board about if they will be comfortable.

The good thing is that if these suck I can return them right there!


Sal said...

Go for it. You're right on: Since they're a trendy shape that you're not sure will endure, why lay down the big bucks?