Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I've decided that I don't care if it's technically still summer. I want to wear some argyle and tights! It's cold enough in my office to wear this very comfortably and they're bright colors so they're still sort of in keeping with the season, right?

Argyle v-neck and skirt from Target. Orchid Pink tights from WeLoveColors.com and black Louboutin slingbacks! My favorite comfy heels. Seriously!

The Focal Point
I had just bought four pairs of tights from the We Love Colors site because I was thinking about how I wanted to wear those brown linen Manolos with lavender tights. They have a huge range of colors and I just thought these were all lovely. They are - light grey, orchid pink, lilac and lavender.

Since the tights are sort of match-y with the sweater, I wanted to keep from a dark blue shoe - which would be way to match-y since the skirt is a dark denim color. So I went with the black Louboutins - high, comfortable, shiny and the dark color grounds the tights.

And I thought the glimpse of red might be a fun nod to the pink. This is such an odd color pink but I love it paired with the black. And I can't wait to wear more and more tights. When will Fall get here?!?


Miranda said...

That looks totally ridiculous!

Princess Poochie said...

In a good way or a bad way?

; )