Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not-Much-Labor Day

This has been a kind of crummy stressful week in general. Inspite of taking off Thursday and Friday so I have a 5 day weekend, it just hasn't felt that festive.

The first part of the week was crummy because the hubby was out of town. Which means I'm taking care of the house, the dogs, the cats, the chicken and myself. Oh, yeah, plus work. The dogs go to doggie day care when the hubby is out of town because they just can't stay home for 8 - 10 hours by themselves and I can't come home in the middle of the day for them. So have to schlep them back and forth with me in the car. By day three, the dogs are a bit stinky so I do not dress up at all. And it poured all three days which really helped. I wore the same old jeans skirt all three days.
Yes, I was hawt!

I did at least try to distract with cute shoes. I can barely remember what I wore as a top but I do remember what shoes I wore.

These cute little slingback wedge espadrilles are actually from Payless. Cute and inexpensive... yes!

No, I wasn't cuffing my jeans again, this was just during the "photoshoot".

I wore my Olivia Rose Tal mules one day.

And lastly, these a-dor-able black and white polka-dot peep-toes. Love them!!!!

These were hunted down. Hunted I tell you! Far better sport than anything else!

They're a brand called "BP" which I think is a Nordstrom house brand for Juniors (and has some pretty cute coats, I'm just noticing. Hmmmm....). As always, I put tons more pics on Flickr, if you're interested.

While I was waiting to go pic the hubby up from the airport on Wednesday night I made a really really bad video TiLT (Things I Love Thursday) for Miss Gala Darling's site, iCiNG.

Yes, it's craptastic, I know, but I have a crummy little camera. What do you want from me?

The highlight of the week was getting my Zappos order. I got the Corso Como booties.

I also got these really cute Nine West oxfords which I intend to post more about at a later date. I do have to give Zappos another shout-out here. I ordered these both with a gift certificate and messed up the order somehow.

Right after I placed the order, I called them, they totally fixed it and prioritized my shipment to next day delivery. It was all my fault and they gave me the upgrade. That's customer service, baby!

If you watched the bad video, you would have heard that Thursday was the hubby's birthday. What did he get to do? Well he woke up with a huge neck problem from his trip and went to the doctor. We were scheduled to go out of town this weekend but didn't end up going because our dog boarding place was all booked up. Luckily we didn't because he is in no shape to travel still.

That morning we went to check out dog places then came back and did stuff around here.

Other highlights of the somewhat-lousey and totally-lazy weekend include:

Returning these -

Cute but far too inflexible, sadly. I debated this but in the end they had to go. The Jamocha t-straps are up for debate as well.

I did get my final rabies shot. Whoo Hoo! No more hospital visits. On the way home I made the mistake of going into Target and the Fall stuff in trickling in. I'm loving this whole plaid suit set in the Mizrahi line. There are 2 jackets, a skirt, and sheath dress and possibly pants. I got the swingy jacket and the pencil skirt with some cute knit tops to go with. I also plan on pairing this with the brown camisole from a previous Go International line, my new Alice blue bow from Lou Lou Loves You and probaly my Nine West teal pumps. And I'm sure my new teal and metal Bebaroque tights will get in the mix too.

The Payless shoes arrived at the store. I went to go try them on and, well, they didn't make the cut.

These were okay but the shape in person didn't thrill me.

These were amazingly clunky in person. I'm a size 5 and they looked mutant-large. They were both returned right there. Hey, I gave them a shot, right?

We went to our local farmer's market and, as always, they had the best stuff. If you have a farmer's market near you and you aren't shopping there, you're crazy. This is the only reason I look forward to summer. Everything looked so great I decided to take a bunch of pictures. Again, more pics on Flickr.

As we walked around we picked up the best breakfast - frozen goat milk yogurt from the renowned (and local) Goat Lady Dairy... topped with fresh blueberries.

They also make these amazing soft spreadable goat cheeses mixed with herbs, etc. We usually get Sunny Paris, which is goat cheese with basil and tarragon (and probably more) but they also have a horseradish blend which is great on burgers. This visit we tried a Fig and Honey blend which was out of this world. I almost got that but we had a container of the Sunny Paris at home and I wanted to buy their Sandy Creek, which is camembert-like with a layer of grape vine ash. Annnndddd, which I somehow seem to have eaten the entire thing of while I was sitting here typing!

That is some good frickin' cheese.

We also got a pumpkin and a chocolate whoopie pie when we bought our bread from the Amish bakers. They may or may not have made it out of the market parking lot. I'm just saying.

We did go out to dinner and a movie one night. We had dinner at our favorite local Indian restaurant. We liked them before and they are, obviously, still great due to all of the vegetarian options available within the cuisine.

It was nice to go out, putter around the bookstore for a while and mooch some free magazine browsing. Then we went to see Bottle Shock.

Have you heard of this movie?

I don't think they're doing much to promote it, if you ask me. The true story it is based on is great. And the trailer made it look really good as well. Sadly, the editing/pacing ruins it. It's too bad because the reality of the Judgement of Paris seems like it could be much more riveting. Supposedly there is another movie being made based on the same George Taber book. I'll be interested to see how that one compares.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.


WendyB said...

Those Payless wedges are the perfect height! Love those. Happy birthday to hubby. Sorry about the neck. That's too bad. Back to shoes -- you'll be able to see the cork sandals I mentioned in my Tuesday post.

Robo said...

Sorry to hear the week and weekend weren't so great, but if it's any consolation, mine was not so great either. Well, except for finding some good stuff on sale at Banana Republic.

Anyhow, two questions about the shoes featured. Were the candy-striped heels you're returning by Oh Deer? I love their retro-styled shoes, but am always fearful of the heel heights, which is why none of those shoes are residing in my closet. And are the teal Nine West pumps a recent purchase or from a while ago? They're super cute, and I have lots of teal clothes (perfect justification for teal shoes :D).

Thanks! Here's to a better last-day-of-the-long-weekend :)

Princess Poochie said...


It wasn't too bad, I guess!

: )

The white shoes were Oh Deer!, yes. They height didn't really bother me but they were really stiff and somewhat uncomfortable. That was the main reason they went back. And they were $120+, so not worth the $$$.

The Nine West ones are about 5+ years old at least. Sorry!


Sal said...

You were a busy bee. Sorry to hear so much of it was stressful! Hope this week is better, and looking forward to seeing the Corso Comos in action.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I want those polka dot, peep toe pumps! ;)