Monday, August 11, 2008

Out of Control. Out of my Mind. Out of my House?

The other day, when I was browsing Amazon for stuff to add to my Kindle, I decided to get a whole bunch of shoes I'd been eyeing since they were on major markdown.

I got these shiny dark grey patent heels from Report.

I love the round-toe shape and the color. But it's still good for warmer weather due to the stacked light colored heel.

But the reason I bought these? It's not because I need another pair of grey heels.

It's all because of the cute little cut out notch on the toe. I fell in love with that little detail.

I did get the cute Sundae heels from Oh Deer! and they are adorable. Very pastel and sparkly

I had been looking at the whole line of Oh Deer! shoe and saw these Pistachio pony hair pumps. They have a great shape and, in real life, they are quite touchable.

I wore them to my conference last week and they got several compliments from random folks. Okay, from random old men (who we say are trolling for sugah)

Amazon is really getting some good deals on shoes. I've almost been using them as a site to track down pairs I want. Behind Zappos, of course.

But one pair I had to hunt down like a dog were these Oh Deer! Jamocha t-straps.

I liked these way back in February but didn't get them. What was I thinking? Look at them. Unusual and gorgeous!

But, I held out. Then I saw them at DSW, even with a coupon I still didn't get them. Then when I realized I couldn't find my size any where, I decided I had to have them. A mad search ensues because I just can let it go, right?

I'm hunting high and low and was even going to get them on eBay but the only size was 6. If they didn't fit I couldn't return them. I eventually found them on this one random shoe site. They only had a 6 too but at least I could send them back if I needed to.

So they arrived and were all pretty and sparkly and yummy. I eagerly tried them on and found that they were really not all that comfortable.


I had been running around all day so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe my feet were all swollen or something.

So I tried them on the next day. Not overly painful but not really comfortable. They were already a bit big, so that's strike one. But a bit big and a bit pokey. Hmmmm.... that may push them over the edge.

But they're soooo pretty.

Decisions. Decisions.


LightStealer said...

The "Jamocha" pair is just adorable, I'd luv to have them myself..! I know you rather wear your shoes, but these are worth just being watched! ;-P

Sara said...

I actually have the Oh Deer shoes in gold. They're extremely comfortable to me -shrug- I found them at for only 80 bucks!

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