Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Have A Winner!

I just wanted to say big thank you to everyone who submitted their hilarious, warm and witty stories during the anniversary celebration. It was very hard to choose from all of the great entries!

Miss Katie was our winner with her story:

My least favorite pair of shoes is also my favorite pair.

When I agreed to be a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding, I don't think I realized what I was really signing up for. They were stripper shoes. Four inch clear platforms with a stiletto heel that looked like an ice pick. There was a single line of colored crystals running down the back to match the awful pink-purple, thick satin sheath dresses- the color was called 'wild orchid'.

I hated them. The other bridesmaids and I schemed incessantly about how to get out of wearing the shoes (Picture these shoes, add a handful of purple/pink crystals up the heels, and double the price- bad, right?). We nearly petitioned the bride to go shoeless- anything to not don the Lusty Leopard standard issues! In the end, we wore the wild orchid dresses, the stripper shoes, and french twists with a fake daisy perched on apex. We looked ridiculous, but all it took was one look from my best friend, the smiling bride, to make it all worth it.

The bridesmaid stripper shoes still sit in my closet, a testament to friendship. Every time I see the offensive plastic pair, I'm reminded that the occasional (horrible) sacrifice of personal style is a small trade-off for a lifetime of friendship. I hope my bridesmaids remember that!


Sweetie, all I have to say is that you are a heck of a friend! For wearing those shoes to a wedding (and recognizing how bad they are) you deserve the Zappos certificate. Thanks for sharing your story!

And thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my first year here!


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