Sunday, August 24, 2008

Start Daydreaming

I want to give a warm welcome to any new folks who are visiting today. Some of you may have been pointed in my direction because today I was featured in an article in the News & Record (Do I come off sounding a little bit crazy and snobby and spendy? I hope not!). I hope you'll come back and I look forward to hearing from all of you! Every post has a link to submit comments, so please feel free to talk back. And my email address is just over there to the right.

You will also see that there are embedded links with some of the text. These will take you to additional or related info. Click on them but be sure to come back because we aren't done yet!

What is this blog all about and where did the name come from?

Well, the site does seem to have two names. "Hello, Lover..." is from SATC, Episode 66 "I Heart NY" where Carrie looks into the Louboutin store window and sighs those words to her newest infatuation. I too have felt this urge to coo at many of the shoes out there, some of which are in my closet.

The raison d'ĂȘtre of the site, and the Shoe Daydreams, is predominantly because I like to talk about shoes. Shoes I like, shoes I don't like, shoes I have or want, etc. I started this blog just over a year ago to help keep in touch with distant friends and to give my husband and co-workers a break. They just didn't seem to want to talk shoes and clothes all the time! I don't know why?

I like to mix high and low fashion and I don't feel anything is too precious to wear with anything else. Because I get bored with clothes easily, you'll see a lot of Target and Old Navy items in my wardrobe. But I love classic styles done in a unique way, so I tend to "invest" in some designer shoes and quirky clothing choices.

I think you can find something cute in almost any store, so one day I'll wear a pair of shoes from Payless and the next may be a pair of Manolo Blahniks. As long as I like them and the feel good, I don't care what their pedigree is.

One thing you may find a little silly is my pen name - Poochie. Where did that come from anyway?

Well, Poochie is a nickname between me and a good friend. Since Poochie was an adorable dog who went on adventures and loved pink, I thought it would make sense to keep using it for the blog. You can't resist a pup with pink paws and fuzzy pink ears. And don't forget her purple sunglasses!

In addition to talking about shoes, I like to write about all the other things I love - travel, vintage, Etsy, afternoon tea and crazy funny singers. Along the way we'll cover shoe searches and shoe luck; I'll probably ask for your advice and I'm happy to help track down some answers or options for you.

I also write Bubblegum Plastic, which is about jewelry, accessories and more, and The Daily Coop, which is about what happens when a city girl and guy try to raise some chickens!

Some of the big themes you'll see are:

- Ensemble du Jour - The outfit I wear for the day. I hope they'll inspire you to try a new combination or look at something in a new light. Most of the collages are created on Polyvore which is a fun site to play around with.

- Lots and lots of shoe pictures - often mine or on me or ones I just admire and pine for.

- The Eeeewwws!!! - some times good designers go bad. We have to let them know we won't just let it slide.

- Store and Designer Focus - There are lots of amazing designers, big and small, and some great stores out there. We can check them out together.

- Imitation = Flattery? - Being inspired by a design and interpreting it is one thing. Blatent knocking-off sucks! Get some originality, people!

- House Tour - And if you can't make it by for Tea, I'll still invite you in for a house tour.

My Favorite Posts

You'll see a lot of posts over there in the archive, so there is lots of reading you can catch up on. But here are a few of my favorite posts to give you a quick snapshot of what this site is all about:

- How Do You Wear Those All Day?

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- On a Scale of 1 to 10... They're a 20! - Limited edition Louboutins

- They're Here! They're Here! - The adorable Miu Miu Tea Cup heels

- Inquiring Minds Want to Know

- Back to Bespoke - You can also learn more about Hetty Rose here.

Now, go and read some more and then let me know what you think. If you have something you're excited about or a great pair of shoes that you just adore, drop me an email. I love to hear about the things you're excited about too.

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Hope to see you soon!



Vicki said...

Love your site...but a bit worried about this line.."help keep in touch with distant friends and to give my husbands and co-workers a break". I think one husband is more than enough! lol. Love the shoes :)

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks for the catch, Vicki!

That's what happens when you post late at night.


puglyfeet said...

Great summary of what your blog is about. "Hello, Lover" finally makes sense. I LOOOOOVE SATC, but I don't think I ever would've figured that out.

WendyB said...

Congrats on the awesome article!

Princess Poochie said...

Thank you, Wendy and Katrina

I was thinking I come off like a nutcase or something. I have to get a scan of the article done because they only put a text version online.



WendyB said...

No, not a nutcase! Just a person with a passion for shoes!