Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Weight of the World

Sometimes I wonder why I feel like I'm walking on a perpetual slope with a boulder strapped to my back. Maybe it's because of all of the stuff in my purse!

Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit but I really do carry all of this stuff around with me everyday. I was a Girl Scout and I just can't break out of the "Be Prepared" mentality. And I like options, so that makes it worse.

The good thing is that, while there is a lot of stuff, it is very well organized in my bag and I can find everything in a snap! And this purse is great. It isn't a big black hole and the straps are long enough to fit over my shoulder.

On the Flicker page for this image there are roll-overs, but what you see here includes:
  • Dooney & Burke Alto Bag
  • Phone 1 - Blackberry for work
  • 60GB iPod - previous b-day gift
  • Phone 2 - iPhone - last year's b-day gift, in white leather case
  • Kindle - this year's b-day gift
  • Estee Lauder pink heart compact
  • Coach wallet - filled with cards but no cash
  • Owl bag - business cards for work and blog, notebook, hair clip and hair band
  • Moleskine journal - filled coupouns and to dos
  • Flash Drive - what the heck is on that?
  • Dooney Keychain - has house, work and car keys, plus my YMCA tag which I don't even belong to anymore. But it helps me sort my keys.
  • Multiple Lip products - Burt's Bees Lip Balm L'Oreal lipgloss, Chanel lipstick
  • Black bag - "lady" products, Stella travel perfume, Bvlgari White Tea towelettes, nail file, floss, blotting papers, travel flashlight and swiss army knife.
  • Stickers and mini-business cards from

The sad thing is that I also carry a laptop bag with my computer and files as well as another shopping bag filled with computer cords, my mouse, my lunch and, of course, my shoes for the day.

I should be a good 3 inches taller! Geez!


Anonymous said...

Be careful, Poochie!

I saw a special on TV a while ago (sorry, can't remember what/when/where) about how overstuffed purses were causing significant back problems for a lot of women. While a simple change of habit was good enough for most, some had to have intervention by a doctor to remedy the problems.

Not that you have a lot of stuff in yours really. It's the combination of those other bags that might be an area of concern.

Princess Poochie said...

I believe it! I'm a pack mule.

Luckily I drive to work and don't have to shelp them very far. And I do thin out my bag if I'm walking around a lot.


puglyfeet said...

I love your stuff.

Sal said...

I always cringe when people talk about how unhealthy it is to lug around a giant handbag full of stuff ... I'm guilty of it, too!