Sunday, November 30, 2008

Imitation = Flattery?

It usually takes the value brands about a year to catch up to the designer trends, but you see the influences of this:

Prade Degradé Riding Boots (on sale for $750 from $1250)

in these:

Payless American Eagle Ombre Rain boots (on sale for $29.99 from $37.99)

I don't think Payless is trying to do a Prada knock-off but I think the color cues and inspiration were definitely there. If you like the ombre look, this could be a fun way to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

What do you think?


Kevin said...


Me personally, I don't like them. They're not sexy enough. I prefer to see a woman in sexy boots, boots with high heels. We men we favor sexiness, whereas women, they place more emphasis on comfort when it comes to shoes/boots.

Would you be interested in appearing in a new reality show about women who love shoes? Do you have any readers who would be interested in appearing in a shoe reality show?

Anonymous said...

For rainboots, they're cute. I keep thinking the ombre trend is over and then someone comes out with a new version of it.

Oh... and I now feel like it's my mission to let you know about any metalic oxfords I see since you're dying for those gold ones. Pewter?

Princess Poochie said...

Please, send them all! I'm still searching and may resort to making my own.


LightStealer said...

Mmm, I've tried to convince myself the ombre thing was cool, but I think it just doesn't work on me if I have not managed to get a single piece yet. I guess it makes me feel like when I was 14-15 and we were all dressed like little hippies or something...
No wait, I do have an ombre cardi from H&M! :-D

Btw, I'm kind of fixed with the idea of rain boots right now and I might be getting a pair of Hunter in black AND red (my two fave colours!) - that's if my boyfriend got the message... ;-P

WendyB said...

It's a cute idea for rainboots.

jerry said...

This is great! Would be wonderful to see. what do you say?