Monday, June 16, 2008

Evolutionary Theory

Sometimes with a designer it is hard to see their evolution and the consistent thread that ties them together from collection to collection. It can be interesting to try and find those connections when each design and collection is so disparate.

But I think it can also be fun to see the obvious themes that morph each year and then how they actually come to life.

In the Fall/Winter 2007 Miu Miu collections (and in the Prada ones as well), we saw a first step of their fanciful creations. I was a big fan of almost everything from this year, especially the ruffled brogues and heels.

For the Fall/Winter 2008 collection, the ruffles went to the next, more futuristic realm.

These are, of course, les wearable than the previous year's shoes, but still, awfully cool.

Now that the beginning Fall and Pre-Fall pieces are coming in, you can see the "safer" version of these ruffles on these gorgeous Prada sandals. They remind me of how my black satin Prada flower heels are the safer version of their Spring 2008 runway cousins.

I would wear these in a second!

Not that I need another pair of black heels but they are just so gorgeous. And would remain wearable forever. It's very hard to resist.

Prada Suede Ruffle Sandals - at Neiman Marcus.


Anonymous said...

"Not that I need another pair of black heels"

Blasphemy! ;)

WendyB said...

Ruffle feet. I like them. Especially in blue.

Princess Poochie said...

Anon - I'm trying to be good here! Stop tempting me!

: )

Wendy - The blues are my favorites too. Maybe they'll make a version of them.