Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Days of Intention - Day Nine: Wearing Your Whites


I love a good picnic. In fact I have to admit I have far to many picnic baskets (is three too many?). I also have a good bit of pretentiousness and a love Victoriana, especially excessive serving pieces and croquet.

So what I want to institute is a flouncy picnic party. I'm going to subject my husband and hopefully my friends and neighbors to come out, wear their approximation of the above and come eat cucumber sandwiches and play badminton and croquet. I mean, I have an antique croquet set and giant yard. It needs to get some use!

Ideally this will be a early Spring day. Before the bugs but not muddy from the rains. We can bring out the modern Victrola (aka iPod and speakers) and lounge in the clover.

Ideal date:

May 1st.

Painting by James Tissot - The Picnic 1879

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Anonymous said...

I'm IN! I can bring some scones and jam!