Thursday, December 31, 2009

Days of Intention - Day Twelve: Speak Up


This past year has been big for transformations. We began eating vegetarian towards the end of 2008 but this really carried into 2009 on a deeper level. I feel we've really learned a lot and helped a lot of other people think of what they are eating and how they are eating and how easy it can be to think of food in a new way.

I'm so excited by this change and how much better we've felt on several levels, I want to act as a resource for other. We always speak about eating vegan in a very positive way... because it is! But we want to make ourselves more available. I know there are people out there, especially in our area, who are considering a change but not sure how or what are the best options or where to go. And we're pretty knew to it so we can remember those days.

One of my goals last year that I didn't get to accomplish was to create a group that would be somewhat about eating vegan or vegetarian but would be more of just a gathering. Less intimidating and more open for exploration and discussion. I trying to support this on The Daily Coop too by featuring more recipes and restaurant reviews. I need a good name for this group that sums up what I want to accomplish. I love Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's "Food For Thought" name. I wish I'd thought of that! I'll let you know what I come up with.

Ideal date:

July 17th

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M-L-E said...

Veganism = great topic. Especially about what you do when you go out with friends who are meat-eaters. Do you skip events all together? Do you bring your own food? Do you ever think about going all-raw or feel that is too radical for you?