Thursday, December 31, 2009

Days of Intention - Day Eleven: Japan Flower


There are several places that I've traveled to that I liked well enough, some I really didn't like at all and some that I felt perfectly at home in. More at peace than even where I grew up and like I just "fit" somehow. San Francisco is one of those places.

I've been there three times now. The first two trips were on my own and the last one, about 3 years ago was with the hubby. We took the picture above while visiting the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

I love all the neighborhoods, being able to walk all over the place, the cultural and food varieties and even the weather. It's one of the place I would consider moving to and may possibly do so one day. It's a place I can envision a life.

I don't feel that I need a long trip but I do want to make a weekend trip this year. It's like a booster shot. I just need a refresher. I love to walk around and just soak it in. I want to stay near the park in a Victorian gem of a bed and breakfast and wander for a few days.

Ideal date:

August 28th

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