Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Days of Intention - Day Three: Tea Party


I have been lover of Afternoon tea for a long time. I love to collect serving pieces and different patterned tea cups and cute mismatched plates. And I especially love having tea parties where I can use all my cute stuff and host a group of friends to come over and meet and chat.

But I rarely have the time, or make the time to do so.

But this year I want that to be different. I'd love to have at least one tea party a season so I can vary the menu and the decor. But the tea party isn't just about using pretty cups and having sandwiches and scones, it's about connecting.

And that's where the challenge lies.

It can be challenging to find the time to get everyone together. It's challenging to make the time to connect. And creating authentic experiences is what I want to do more of. So I'm planning time for tea.

Ideal date:

April 17th

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