Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Style Tracking

When I was in high school and college (oh, so long ago) I used to track my outfits by writing what I wore each day down on my wall calendar. I think part of it was an early exercise in planning and thinking about fashion but a big part of is was more because it appealed my love of organization.

Not that I had that many clothes to keep track of!

But then I stopped for a while. A few months ago I began interspersing taking pictures of my outfit posts with writing down what I wore. Partly this was because I am not able to take pictures every day and I can't always post the ones I do take right away. So it was to help keep an accurate record.

But then I found I was adding in notes from the day and things that happened. It was becoming more of a mini-journal. And, being a paper/pens/journal junkie I figured I had outgrown scribbling notes on my desk calendar, what better place to look than to my favorite Moleskine line.

When I saw the 12-month Planner set (ooohhhh, pretty!), I new this would be the perfect solution. Small enough to carry around, just the right number of pages and color-coded. I was so excited I bought a set of blue Volants so I could start in November and not have to wait until the new year. I'm also really excited because they are sitting on one side of my desk and then I have rainbow masking tapes on the other side. I'm surrounded!

These are pretty popular already. I know a few bloggers have sparked to them. I first saw them in Barnes & Noble in October and they were running about $36 and that is what they are selling for on Amazon right now. But keep your eye out each day. I only paid $26.

By the way, I'm not using the number and month stickers on the spine. I'm putting a Moo sticker of mine on the cover and then using the month sticker on the inside front cover. But that's what Moleskines are all about, right? Personalization.

But while the planners are going to help me keep track of what I wore, I also want something to help me keep track of all of the outfit ideas I come up. I have a notebook now but it's pretty messy and just a series of scribbly notes. I love the idea of this Fashionary notebook. It's great for designers, of course, but also for people like me who can't draw to save their lives. I'm hoping it will give me enough of a template to work with so I can, poorly, draw out my outfits.

Of course, I really just need to take more pictures. One of my 2009 goals was to begin doing this and in 2010 I plan on taking even more, if only to have a record.
Do you keep track of the outfits you wear each day, why and how?
Image via GalaDarling.com


WendyB said...

"When you can't do something truly useful, you tend to redirect that pent up energy into something useless but available, like snappy dressing." I came here because I saw the above on Facebook and wanted to say that I tend to redirect my pent-up energy into doing blogs for other people. In the future, if you think I have pent-up energy, please advise me to focus on snappy dressing instead.

Princess Poochie said...

Will do, for sure!!!

; )

Robo said...

That's such a brilliant idea! It would help prevent getting stuck in fashion ruts, too. Lots of times I've thought of awesome outfit ideas, but then forgotten because I didn't/couldn't write them down. Plus, who needs a better excuse to get more fun journals/pens/paper?

Lillian said...

I just bought my first moleskine, the 2010 horizontal weekly planner, and I am in l-o-v-e love. My planners always turn into little mini diaries, where I write little notes about what I did that day, and I really like the idea of writing what I wore. Maybe to prove the point that certain outfits really do change how your day goes (I have a pair of underwear that I call my adventure panties) or maybe just for posterity. Either way I think its a really good idea.