Monday, December 21, 2009

Days of Intention - Day One: Mountain Retreat


A peaceful and regenerative day mixing the beauty of the mountains with the indulgence of a spa.

I have the type of job that needs you to be constantly "on" - talking with clients, collaborating with in-house partners, running around and generally dealing with tons of content and stimulus all day long. When I get home, it's quieter but there are still lots of pets and then writing too. Sometimes I just want to go sit in my closet in the dark! A spa day is my perfect antidote to this. I love to do a full day mini-retreat where I spend most of the day relaxed in a robe and silent, except for maybe some bubbling water. Speaking only to order a light meal or some tea, I can be calm, guiltless, without phones or computers and just read a book or close my eyes.

Ideal date:

March 27th

Image via Sea Otter Woodworks

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