Saturday, December 25, 2010

Presenting Presents

As much as I'm a shoe fiend, I'm also a technology junkie.  Sadly, I have an enabler in the form of my husband who gifted me with an amazing gift this year - a shiny new 64GB Wi-Fi/3G iPad.  I didn't drop hints or anything, honest!

Since I've been planning on getting one, I have a ton of links to cases that I've also been thinking about too.  I don't like the gel cases or skins, okay, more like I don't trust myself that those are enough protection.  I ruled out a sleeve or envelope style.  I think it would be awkward to take the iPad out and then have to deal with the case.  I'd rather it remain all together.  So I want a more protective piece.

Here are the three I'm really thinking about. 

First of all, I'm totally loving this nautical, school-boy style from Dunhill.  Sadly, it won't be out until Spring, but even if I get another case, I may still get this.  It's lovely!

But a part of me also likes the more book style of the DODOcase.  Not that I'm alone, since this Moleskine-looking, handmade case was ranked as the #1 case of the year.  I'm thinking of the pink interior.

But I like the more fashionable InCase convertible book jacket.  This will match my AcmeMade laptop case that I use for work and the case also allows you to watch or work with the iPad at 3 angles. 

Heck, I may get all three!  But now I'm off to check out some apps and think about accessories!

Hope you had a fund Christmas too.  What'd you get???

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mckenzietruman said...

So jealous! That's pretty awesome! I got $250 for my fund in saving up for a DSLR camera, tons of perfumes, songbooks, jewelry, clothes, etc. :)