Monday, December 6, 2010

Silent and Still

We only expected flurries, but around mid-morning we started to get a pretty steady snow fall.  It's so beautiful in our yard and the songbirds appreciated the seed and water we put out for them every day.

Badger had the right idea and curled up near the radiator.

We didn't have a lot to do other than a friend's party so the next day we watched movies and put up our Christmas decorations.  We don't go too crazy. A wreath, a tree, our stockings and a few other pieces here and there.   But combined with the warm wood of the library, our shiny black living room mantle and some pumpkin spice candles, the rooms seemed warm and cozy.

Then we settled in for a holiday snuggle.

I love the early darkness, the light snowfalls that are still new to this Miami-bred girl, and the snuggly pups and kitties.

What's your favorite part of winter?


Ashe Mischief said...

I admit, for the first time I'm INTO the holidays... and I kind of miss the snow. It really just adds that perfect touch. At least the weather is in the 50s this week!

WendyB said...

There's NOTHING I like about the, wait, I like it when it ENDS.

Lyuba-chan said...

SNOW! I wish it would snow more where I live :) :) :)

Ashe Mischief said...

Also, I can't wait until G & I get to a point our house is like this :)

Poochie said...

Thank you Ash. I'm sure your home is lovely. We do love our house. It's old so it has a lot of character and a bit of weirdness too. It's funny. My decorating style is very different from how people think it would be. Almost no pink to be found. : )