Friday, December 10, 2010

Two Sides of the Coin

I need some opinions here.  I have my company holiday party tomorrow (Saturday) night and I'm trying to decide what to wear.  This is a pretty low-key event - just a cocktail party at a local, nice restaurant with our small group plus spouses.  But since I feel like I never get out of the house, part of me wants to go a bit crazy... at least by North Carolina standards. 

To put it in perspective, I wore fake eyelashes last year and caused quite a stir.  So yeah...

Anyways, I've narrowed it down to two options.  One a bit "crazier" and the other an outfit I picked up today that I really like which also happens to be a bit more elegant.  So here are the choices -

Option 1 - Short dress with added crinoline, cardigan and uber-high heels.

The black and white petticoats I bought a long time ago.  The dress is from Forever 21 about a year ago and the cardigan is Twelve by Twelve also from about a year ago.

I hate going sleeveless so I would add the cardigan no matter what, but the fact that it's chilly means it's going to be necessary.

I love these fabric rosettes and the rhinestone buttons. Gives is just the right amount of shine.

Now, if it wasn't winter I'd be totally wearing my Alexander McQueen rose heels.  They are just too smashing.  But, even though bare legs and these peep-toes look great with the short, short skirt, I think I would look ridiculous as it is 20 degrees out.

So I was thinking of these sheer black tights with the thigh bow detail from Cynthia Rowley (bought from Gilt Group - really loving the tights they get on there).

And pairing them up with my Manolo Blahnik Campari black patent mary janes.

So that's my wacky options. 

Option 2 is a bit more subtle. 

I walked by a New York and Company store today and, which I never do, decided to pop in.  They merchandised well because my eye was caught by this paillette skirt right off the bat. Not surprisingly of course.  I love the muted olive-y green sheen and had to have it.  I wanted to keep it low key but glam so I found a heathered bronze v-neck sweater and, just in case, a taupe cami for layering. It seems a bit loose here but the look is more relaxed and slouchy, contrasting with the fitted gleaming skirt.  I probably wear just a simple necklace and maybe my watch.

To keep the neutral elegance going, I was thinking of my Le Silla Stardust heels. 

They have a beautiful, almost retro shape, handcrafted heel details and a subtle metallic gleam as well.

Of course, the second option would be more comfortable but I kinda want to wear the more silly dress.

What do you think???


Anonymous said...

love the first option :) though I have to say that those tights look like a tourniquet to me instead of a bow. but i love the dress and petticoats!

MissMae said...

Pick the dress!!! Much more party appropriate.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Option 1. But I do love the sequins in option 2.

Anonymous said...

option 1, maybe change the tights to a stripe tight or something little less opaque....maybe the henry holland ones too cute....

miamiadguy said...

I love option 1....I also like option 2, but the sweater seems a little too frumpy for that skirt. The reason I pick option 1 is the shoes and the dress is very cute.

Lara said...

Def option 1. I'd go ahead and wear the McQueens. You won't be outside for too long. I don't know about the garter tights. Pushing it to the realm of risque?

Anonymous said...

I love the type of heel your Camparis have. To me that thin, slightly flared square-tip heel is THE one and only real Manolo Blahnik heel. I don't like the slightly thicker heel with rounded edges he uses also in Camparis... makes his designs look a bit matronly I think. Do they still make Campari with this heel type? When did you buy these?