Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Caress

I've been intrigued by the Boudicca designs ever since their innovative Wode perfume came out a while back.  Now they are looking at sequins an a whole new and rather sensual way.

Their limited (only 6 made) "Science of Sequins" dress from their SS10 "Fragmented Dreams" collection is made to show all of the caresses you receive.  The sequins move to reveal a lighter underside as a hand (maybe yours?  maybe not) travels over the fabric.

As a huge sequins lover, I am smitten by this. Not only for the materials but for the sexiness.  How enticing is it to feel and see your love's touches, possibly during kisses under the mistletoe...

Science of Sequin dress, $7,000 - Barneys Beverly Hills and the Outfit, Wynn, Las Vegas.

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Misty2k said...

Ooo... beautiful and shexy!