Saturday, December 11, 2010

SD Review: Tsubo Kampot Boot

The folks from Tsubo have graciously let me test out another pair from their product line.  This time it is the Kampot boot.  These boots are so unique looking. They're just killer.

They're knee-high boots with a 3" heel that has almost a talon shape.  But these boots have the same cushion-y insole as their shoes, which means you can walk all day in them.

Did I mention I love the design of these?  The shaft is stiched together in waves, adding a unique embellishment without getting fussy or over accessorized. They're streamlined but not at all plain.

The interior has a bit of metallic sheen to it and is coupled with a soft lining.

The Kampots fit pretty true to size, are medium width, zip up inner calf and have two gussets for a bit of calf stretch.

But what's hard to beat are their grippy soles.  You can look fabulous and sleek while not slipping!  Amazing, right?!?

I prefer the black but the brown version done in multi-tonal pieces is funky too.

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