Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Treats

I'm not even sure where it was, but a while back I saw these adorable vintage heels on a website.

Sadly, they were already sold, so I totally missed out.

But that doesn't mean I still didn't long for them. They looked like the most adorable mix of candy taffy colors.

But I was on Amazon today and found this pair of Oh Deer! heels on there and they reminded me of the vintage pair that got away.

Not quite the same, to be sure, but a very similar candy-colored heel and edges.

This pair has a more baby doll shape the body is glittery. I hope they are as cute in person as I am hoping they are!


Anna said...

Oh those are so delicious-looking that I could eat them up! Great find, I need to get myself a similar pair.

Sal said...

The vintage ones are classier for sure, but those Oh Deers are fabulously sparkly. They'll be a good stand in, I think!

that girl ? said...

Love the stripes...but I couldn't purchase a pair as I wouldn't know whether to wear or eat them!