Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bring Home the Blue Ribbon

Equestrian style has never really gone out of style - slim cut breeches-like pants, crisp shirts, tailored jackets and high flat boots - but lately we are seeing a very strong resurgance. This style has a simple and functional but very rich look.

Of course, Carla Bruni looked amazing on this Vanity Fair cover and Ralph Lauren practically invented the integration of the look into mainstream fashion (and continues to do so, as this Spring 08 look shows).

But what I've started seeing a lot of are the more extranous and fun parts of riding - the prize ribbon.

We all want to look Best in Show, what better way than to add a big blue (or other color) ribbon to your outfit!

You may have seen FemmeSud's Grand Prix rosette wristlets.

I, of course, want to take 1st Place!

I've also long been a fan of ShoeMissy's work, especially her adorable heels embellished with rosettes saying flirty things like "Starlet", "Dolly" and "Filly" but now she's up to something new...

Cheeky rosette ribbon pins...

She has six different styles. Personally I fell in love with and bought four of them, including my favorite teal, the sexy black and, perfect for this season, both plaids.

I think I'm going to be pinning these on tops, skirts, bags, everything!

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