Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Again, the days have been getting away from me. So I figured I should catch up on the outfits pronto!

After organizing my armoire out last weekend, I thought I would create outfits around some of my fun new accessories which have just been arriving. Something other than shoes for once!

On Monday, I wore a very colorful outfit. Everything was centered around my new Candy fascinator from WhichGoose. To go with it I wore a red top from Gap, a dressy denim pencil skirt, red tights and my Hetty Rose Ella mary janes.

I think the heels, being equally as colorful, were a good match for the hair piece. Both are colorful although it strikes me as funny how such an old fabric and the new pom-poms actually work well together.

I could say the heels get equal focus... I'd been thinking about wearing them with colorful tights for a while now.

Yesterday I was wanting to go the opposite - a bit more streamlined but playing with texture. I wore a grey jersey top that has a bit of silver metallic in the fabric, my new Kapow Wow neck ruffle (also in grey jersey), a black pencil skirt, black ribbed tights and Aerosole buckle heels in black patent. They happen to be one of my favorite shoes to wear. They are comfortable and versatile.

This neck ruffle is so cool! You can wear it a ton of different ways and is amazingly soft. I think it's a great option to a scarf or wrap for keeping your neck warm in the winter. Plus, I just love ruffles!

The other day I talked about seeing rosettes popping up in fashion, well today I got the chance to wear one of my new pieces from Shoe Missy. They are just adorable in person.

I wore the black and white plaid with my grey and black rugby stripe boyfriend cardigan from delia's. Underneath I wore a black camisole over one of my sale mini-skirts from Old Navy.

It was kind of crummy out so I wore my black Target flats with the big "jewels" on them.

This rosette looks blue and black here but it is actually black and white. I tried to take a picture of it on the sweater, because it looked so cute but my camera is just dying! I think I'm going to have to get a new one very very soon.

Now, I've been doing good so far this week actually planning outfits. What am I going to wear tomorrow? I've stayed up late too many nights in a row and my brain is just fried.

Maybe I'll think of something to wear with some of my fun knee-highs.



Vanda said...

I'm SUCH a freak - I saw that photo with the mannequin's head and went "THAT'S LISBON!" - and guess what, it is! :D

Where did you buy that wonderful ruffled thing from? On-line?


lady coveted said...

wow! that neck ruffle! and the bobble hair piece.

it must be so fun to see you at work... ladies probably come by just to see what you're wearing.

Princess Poochie said...


I bought the neck ruffle from Kapow Wow. The site is linked but I emailed her directly and she gave me several choices, including a lovely teal one I want too.

Miss Coveted

I think my co-workers all think I'm a bit crazy but now they just sort of expect it! It's almost like "Well, what is she wearing today." It's sort of funny that the shock value has gone down because it's me.

hee hee!

Actually the rosette ribbon got more "office buzz" of all 3.


Vanda said...

I went to the website, that's why I knew it was Lisbon - but they don't seem to have a proper on-line store, which is why I asked :)

I've e-mailed them, here's hoping!

selenabird said...

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to share these with us - I'm having a lot of fun reading.

Anamika said...

that neck ruff is gorgeous. in the smaller image it looks like loads of shaved chocolate swirls

jinnan-tonnyx said...

How do you get those fascinators to stay anchored in your hair?

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks all!

j-t -
this one has a bobby pin to hold it in and the others I have attach with combs.


misfitchic said...

Hello! Ruffles rock! Pooch, your article is so on the mark for neck ruff wear. Check out my handmade ones on Etsy and let me know what you think! Thanks, Margaret