Saturday, October 4, 2008

Store Focus: SoleStruck

I just realized that I hadn't posted a few of the other outfits that I wore last week.

I wore one of my favorite Target dresses. This was actually one of the first dresses in my "Dress Reintroduction" plan. It's a nice heathered grey wool with a two-tone green herringbone accent. inside the collar, cuffs and the reverse of the belt. I like to roll the cuffs up so you get to see the green and then I paired it with my vintage La Rose green velvet heels (which are more olive-y green) and my vintage locket.

Then, when it actually got a bit chilly I whipped out my Gap cashmere grey and black stripe dress and added lavender We Love Color tights. I also wore a matching lavender wrap so I at least had some thing to tie those tights too. And I added another new Paraphernalia piece - my Kiss pin. Oh yeah, and my Facade heels. These are my new #1 most versatile heels of the year. I'm going to wear them at least once a week I think. I seriously should have bought 2 pairs.

Not that either of those outfits have anything to do with the title of this post, but, hey, I did the Polyvores. I'm going to use them!



I hadn't shopped with them before. There are so many great stores out there, especially online, that I don't get a chance to go to all of them... if you can believe that! I tend to get lazy and go to the sites I use a lot. So I'm glad when other bloggers, friends and even the companies themselves make recommendations of places to check out. Also, there is a bit of a boycott going on against one of my typical shoe haunts, so I'm probably not going to be shopping there for a while.

I was actually contacted by Sole Struck about testing out their site and service, so I quickly popped over to see what I could see. And I have to say I was very interested, indeed. Like many sites, they offer free shipping which makes it much more convenient for shoe shopping. In my opinion you should not worry about ordering shoes online anymore, especially once you have a few favorite brands that you are familiar with.

Just order the shoes, they come to your house and, if they don't fit, just send them back. Free shipping, free returns... how much easier could it be? Well, my mailman (and the hubby too, I'm sure) might be sick of me and the packages but, eh, there aren't a lot of options here in Fashion Exile so, whatever.

Anyway, Sole Struck graciously offered me the opportunity to choose a pair of shoes. Hello! Kid in a candy store!

After spending a while on the site, I narrowed it down to seven pairs.

First up were this pair of Campers Twins. I liked the shiny overlapping dots and that each shoe is different. I thought they would be cute with a whole slew of tight colors for Fall.

And they have a nice sturdy rubber sole which would be good for winter weather.

But who am I kidding?

I've worn stilettos during a sleet storm in New York (okay, yes it was stupid I know that but it was more than 10 years ago and I was caught out in the storm unexpectedly. I did almost kill myself!)

So I thought I would be more practical and get a fun pair of Hunters, because I've been having a hell of a time finding some rain boots in my size and in a cute look. Wouldn't these but nice and sturdy and great for running around in the yard?

Yes, I do need a pair of boots but there were also cute girly shoes to think about so maybe I'll hold out on those this time.

I mean look at these adorable Betsey Johnson peep-toes. Bows! Peep-toes! Scalloped edges and contrast stitching! I likey!

But of course I get distracted again looking at other pink and red heels including these Jessica Bennett buckle pumps. I love love love pink and red together.

Then I see they come in a green and blue combination and now I really can't choose.

So I went back to Betsey Johnson Betseyville section to see the red and white pair and saw these wedges and knew that I was completely smitten.

I mean, seriously, look at the shape. And the adorable chunky zipper-edged patent bow. But black and green or....

or black and turquoise? I still can't choose. Maybe I should just flip a coin.

In the end, I asked for these Vince Camuto leather knot heels with contrast stitching. My favorite element of the design is how the body of the shoe is sewn to the sole. It gives them a unique and hand crafted look.

These are very comfortable, classic and well-made shoes. I was so happy with them in person that I immediately wore them on Friday to work. They are great with jeans because they are a warm medium camel color and will work well with a whole slew of colors.

I paired mine with my new Gap Classic jeans (which I'm obsessed with, by the way. They fit soooo well!) and my medium green argyle sweater from Target. I also pinned my new crest pin from my last antiques festival excursion to the hem of the sweater.

All in all, I'd recommend checking out Sole Struck. They carry a number of really great lines, including favorites of mine like Chinese Laundry, Charles David, Report and a bunch more. And they have great customer service.

Personally I'm keeping those other pairs in my shopping cart. I think I'm going to have to go back in there and get those wedges. Green? Blue? Both?



LightStealer said...

I can't believe you posted Camper Twins! I was gonna ask you what did you think of the new fall/winter collection (btw, we don't have the pair you've posted over here anymore, I think it's still something summery...)

I'm not a huge fan of Camper style - despite having a pair of gorgeous boots and some flats - but I find the new designs AMAZING.
I was thinking of getting these in brown-ish (hope you can see the pic!):

Oh, and I was given a pair of Hunters as well; they seem to fit really small...I'm still thinking whether to keep them or not (I love them on other people, but feel a bit strange on me)

jinnan-tonnyx said...

Love the Camper Twins!

From what you've shown us, it seems like you have more blue & turquoise stuff than green, regarding the Betsy wedges.

Nik Snacks said...

I like the green Betseyville wedges for you. The blue...meh...not so much.

Tasha said...

I won some shoes on solestruck a few days ago, though I wasn't lucky enough to pick out the style. I was over on the sight again this morning and almost fell out of my seat over those exact same Betsey wedges! Both colors are in my shopping cart, because I just can't decide. I think I'm leaning towards the bright green. If you buy them, you must post pictures of you wearing them!

Mags said...

LOVE the pink Hunters. My grandmother just got me a pair of yellow ones, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have gone for the pink (apparently I own way too much of that color), but I'm still pretty psyched to have a pair of big yellow rain boots- just like I always wanted growing up!

Hussey said...

Like many sites, they offer free shipping which makes it much more convenient for shoe shopping. In my opinion you should not worry about ordering shoes online anymore, especially once you have a few favorite brands that you are familiar with.