Friday, October 31, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit

Yeah, I was supposed to be off today. But hey, I'm dedicated. When a client has a meeting, you go to the meeting, right? So, in spite of technically being off work and it being a Friday and Halloween, I still made the effort and dressed nicely for an hour and a half.

I recently rediscovered this really cute pencil skirt (actually from Victoria's Secret) when I switched around the closet. I should wear it more because I love the button detail running down the back. The top is a black embellished cardigan. Since it was cold out, I wore tights and a vintage cape and off-white gloves.

10-31-08 by Princess Poochie

I love vintage gloves. I have small hands so I can usually fit in to most of them so I have a whole hatbox full. These are plain leather and were really inexpensive, so I don't have to act all precious about them.

The cardigan I had on is the black version of this one. It's from the Behnaz Sarafpour Go International collection from 2006. I really liked this collection and this cardigan is one of my favorites. I wear it a lot. The black lace on black is a neat textural element.

The Focal Point

I think I mentioned that I have a ton of tights. I think I will need to wear tights every day. These are a neat pair. They're black and cream herringbone with a claret floral pattern running up the side. The shoes are a pair I've had for years. I have these in black also. They're Aerosole's Sixty Chic and may be the perfect pumps. I didn't realize until later that they were possibly Celine or Vivier knockoffs. I don't care, they're so comfortable.

I had fun wearing my cape and gloves. The hubby said I looked like I was from Nanny 911. Not quite the look I was going for, but on Halloween I guess I didn't look too out of place.

But what will I do when I wear it later?


WendyB said...

Fabulous tights.

Alva said...

Beautiful gloves

Robo said...

Love the tights and cape! I'm a bit tired of my plain old black tights, but it's tough to find cute opaque tights here in LA.

Btw, I tagged you on my blog :)