Friday, October 31, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit

I was so excited. I had the day off and I was finally going to get some errands done, including getting my car's oil change. I was going to go to the dealer to drop off the car then walk across the street and have a breakfast at Panera while I waited.

I was thinking I wanted to be all comfy and snuggly and warm. But since I wasn't going to work, I could wear my really bright yellow tights and no one would bug me. My top is this dark green shawl collar sweater jacket from Athropologie. I love the giant golden yellow velvet pin that came with the sweater. My denim skirt to ground it and a pashmina in the same dark olive green for additional warmth.

10-30-08 by Princess Poochie

The Focal Point

Well, yeah... it's the tights. I mean these are BRIGHT! But I love them. And I did get a nice compliment from a lovely older lady at the restaurant. I wore my black flats from Target to further ground the crazy color.

Sadly for me I ended up being at the frigging Panera through lunch because the dealer said I needed my back brakes done too.


I thought I was doing a quick inexpensive oil change and it ends up being this huge cost. Now I'm broke!


So that was my Halloween "trick", I guess.

Happy frickin' Halloween.

(Just kidding, folks!)

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