Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Horror Show

Over the years, I will have to admit that I have had my share of bad (or questionable) costumes. My old office used to have costume contests so it got a bit out of control.

Okay not this out of control...

But there have been some classic moments from me and my group of somewhat insane friends. I'm actually looking at some of the pictures right now.


Anyway, now is the time to profit on those "scary-in-maybe-the-wrong-way" costumes...and not just through the blackmail which continues to this day. And if you don't have a costume yet... go get one here - halloween costumes !

No, Miss Winona is having an awesome contest over at Daddy Likey. Go on over and check it out. Email her your story and you could win a $100 gift certificate for!

For that I may even tell the story about certain people that I know and how they got certain nicknames... unless they bribe me first!

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