Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sigerson Morrison for Target

Lately I haven't been too impressed with the designer collections coming through Target. Botkier was a joke and most of the Go International collections just haven't seemed like a good style for me, so I've let them pass by with no regret.

So I really wasn't sure if I should get any of the
Anya Hindmarch bags. They looked good online, but it so hard to tell unless you are in person. But when I heard that they were being sold on her website, and sold out in something like 2 minutes, I thought I would give them a shot. I'm hoping I can use them to carry some of my work stuff around since my current bag's handles are falling apart.

I'm not a fan of the clutches or most of the styles, but I did think the two satchels looked pretty good. I bought the
black patent and "python" and the chocolate, gold and black.

But the collection that is intriguing me now is Sigerson Morrison for Target. Does this pairing surprise you at all? I feel like it didn't get that much attention or promotion leading up the launch. And is Sigerson Morrison that well known for the average Target shopper? Not that that matters because I know that a few of the collections flew right over the heads of most people.

Again, it's hard to tell the quality of the embellishments and the material, but looks like they have the design and styling pretty spot on.

These little flats are very cute and a great shiny color. They come in the aqua but also silver and purple

These boots, studded with crystals, are glam and rock and roll. They come in the black and silver, but also black and blue. There's a peep-toe heel version too.

But I think I prefer the flats in black and purple. These come in black and silver, black and gold, and black and blue.

If you liked the flats at the top there is this cool heel style (which also comes in silver) in a vibrant shade of blue... one of my favorite colors for heels these days.

But I think my favorite pair are these D'Orsay pumps in pink and black. They're just so 80's, so glam that I love them. They have such a fun quirky style that they'd be great with all black or to spice up jeans. To me they have a very "Tess" quality about them. I think they are just fun.

There are a number of other styles in the line available so far, including some cute booties in bright colors and black patent.

I have these in my shopping cart right now. There's a lot of glam to this line. I think they'll be great to perk up Winter clothes and to shine during holiday parties.

Of course, the fact that they are affordable makes them even better.


TheShoeGirl said...

wow- surprising! these styles are very ON Target.


heh heh.

lady coveted said...

everytime i think i'm not homesick... i see something like this, and i get homesick... gotta tell mom what i want from target for xmas.

Holly Anne said...

I love shopping at Target, but I can't believe you can get those boots there... They rock!

Nikki said...

That 2nd bag is right up my alley. Nice hardware. I hope the handles are sturdy.
The jewels on those shoes look like they'd fall off upon 1st wear. But I'll have to take a look. I'm loving those blue heels though...